Thursday, April 26, 2012

Yay for Local Libraries

Having a library card when you have young children often seems like an obvious choice.  Lots of children's activities and access to all the books your kids could ever want.  I have made a recent discovery that made having my library card even better!

I found that most libraries have passes to local museums, zoos and aquariums that you have access to simply by signing up for a library card.  These passes often offer free/discounted admission to area attractions for a family of 4.

Today our family of 4 made use of this:
A pass for free admission for 5 to the Forest Park Zoo!

Our children had an amazing time and all we had to pay for was some animal food.  Feeding the animals was Isabel's and Sean's favorite thing about the visit.

They had the chance to see all sorts of different animals: rabbits, camels, peacocks, donkeys, cougars, monkeys and leopards.  What a wonderful learning experience.

So, if you have young children and haven't yet gotten a library card for your local library, get to it.  Beyond the joy of the books, you will gain free access to so many local attractions for your family to enjoy together.

Once again: Yay for local libraries!

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