Saturday, November 26, 2011

Scrap Monster: My Mischievous Upcycled Friend

While working away at my sewing machine, I heard a rustling in my ever growing pile of fabric scraps.  To my surprise, I discovered a cuddly and feisty little scrap monster!  He quickly sprang into action and escaped.  I soon learned this scrap monster enjoyed the great outdoors.  Following some chasing and searching I discovered him relaxing in a pile of leaves.

He must have been tired after filling his belly with many of the fabric scraps from my pile.  I also discovered that hide and seek was another of his favorite games.

 He truly was a worthy opponent.  His multicolored coat provided him with some valuable camouflage.

If you ever find yourself with an ever growing pile of fabric scraps, beware this illusive creature.  Though he may cause mischief, he does have an amazing way of making those pesky scraps disappear!

-This adorable and cuddly scrap monster was used creating a multitude of fleece fabric scraps.  He was stuffed with scraps of fleece, cotton and denim.  My three year old niece found him to be a perfect addition to her collection of stuffed animals.  The best thing about scrap monsters: no two will ever be alike.

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