Sunday, February 26, 2012

Izzy and Sean: My Professional Product Testers

My two children are the inspiration for each handcrafted item I create, so it only stands to reason that they should give each item their stamp of approval before I put it up for sale in my Etsy shop.  They truly put things through the ringer.  Pictured above they gave my fleece winter hats a test drive.  They quickly approved.

I was uncertain how my fleece tie snugglies would go over, but Sean and Izzy seemed to really enjoy cuddling with the small scraps of fabric.  Having these cozy pieces of fleece to play with also allowed me to work on my crafts without them constantly trying to steal my fabric from me.

These flannel boots however, while incredibly adorable, did not meet the standards of a busy baby.  Without any type of elastic casing, Isabel almost immediately expelled them from her feet.

Last but not least, my current favorite item, the scrap monster was met with love and adoration.  Izzy and Sean carry these adorable creatures around everywhere they go.  Being 16 months old they are not easy on their toys.  So far so good, scrappy has made it through many a load of laundry and still comes out kickin.  Our two dogs also love these illusive creatures. Even after a few chomps and chews from Isis and Yoda, the scrap monster can't be beat.  

I consider myself lucky to have such honest and loveable product testers.  As long as I follow their lead, the items I put up for sale at Belly Bear Baby Gear will be sturdy, practical and adorable!

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